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Elegant and stylish, Ignite has been built by and for the performers looking for a professional tool tailored to their needs. Make objects appear, vanish or transform in a flash of fire.


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Elegant and stylish, Ignite has been built by and for the performers looking for a professional tool tailored to their needs. An accessory they can keep on them at all times and take out for their audience above all suspicion. It is not a simple lighter nor a flasher but a powerful weapon ready to amaze. Versatile and practical you will be able to perform an endless number of effects… If you love performing, you’ll love Ignite.


In addition to the classic flasher apparitions, Ignite will help you make your vanishes and changes more impactful than ever before - a brand new feature for a flasher. Highlight your routines’ climaxes in close-up, parlor, or stage conditions. Vanish or transform a borrowed ring in a burst of light, make a pickpocketed watch appear at the end of your act, vanish a pool ball, a coin or even transform it into a jumbo one! Make a signed card appear at the end of your fingertips or your phone from (seemingly) nowhere… The possibilities are endless, not even the sky will be your limit with Ignite in your pocket - grab one!


Remember how painful it was to carry flash cotton around? Losing it in your pockets’ corners or using a dolphin-killer plastic bag. Well, remember no more - Ignite contains a dedicated compartment to carry your flash cotton. Almost 50 bursts will await you, securely and properly - enjoy the ride. Reload in few seconds and get ready to flash at every table - perfect for the walk-around pro.


No need to hide your flasher, to secretly load or unload it, Ignite is always in plain view and seem to be a plain lighter for your spectators, that’s maybe what surprises them the most… It is an easy tool to use: if you know how to put a lighter on, you know how to use Ignite. To always stay at your side, Ignite’s shell has been built from brass, a durable and resistant material that will keep your buddy in good shape.


In a detailed video, Urbain, our beloved creator, will share all his secrets using Ignite: - How to take care of your gimmick to keep it for life - His appearing techniques - all sweet eye-candy - His vanishing techniques - including a borrowed ring vanish, completely impromptu - CGI-like transformations - Several routines ideas - As a bonus, he will also teach his complete One-Coin Routine - straight from his repertoire

Manufactured in France and built for the close-up, Ignite fits right in your pocket to add fire (and “Wow!”s) to your magic!


« That’s what real magic looks like. »
Les French TWINS

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